Apprenticeship – South Africa

Not specified, Full Time Deadline: Aug 18, 2023

This apprenticeship will be a 3 year in-service training experience. This will be towards a qualification known as Tractor Mechanic or Earthmoving Mechanic. The first 6 months is probation time period. This period is use for the company and the employee to make sure it is a long term relationship. Any party may withdraw in this period without any consequences. Thereafter the apprentice will be bound by an AFGRI contract and start his actual training. This training includes: The apprentice will be going to a Practical Training Institute in the different phases needed (If needed). At the same time the apprentice will be written-in for N subjects needed at a College and will study as distance learning (If needed and if available). It is expected to attend classes on Saturdays also. The distance learning might continue as needed while at workplace. The apprentice will undergo Product Training at the John Deere Training Facility in Boksburg and other suppliers as well as AFGRI Internal training hosted by our own Specialists.
Above mentioned training do not have training costs involved to the apprentice if passes, but any training failed need to redo on own costs. All the Apprenticeships are bound with the contract. This is a 3 year contract with AFGRI. Should the apprentice withdraw within the period of apprenticeship or the “work-back period” there will be costs involved. Depending on time and phase of withdrawal, the costs will be calculated. It is expected that the apprentice work back the time it took him to qualify. The contract cannot be extended for more than 4 years. If the apprentice has not been qualified in 4 years, the contract expires.

The duties of the Apprentice will include:

Trained to be a Tractor Mechanic / Technician or Earthmoving Mechanic / Technician
Repair and maintenance of related equipment
Responsible for stock control
Customer service
General work in the workplace

To complete this application, you need at least 60min. Please take your time to complete this application.
The minimum requirement for this application is:

Valid Driver’s license
Communication Skills
Admin Skills
Computer literacy
N2 subjects:

Engineering Science
Diesel Trade Theory
and anyone of the following

Industrial Electronics
Engineering / Technical Drawing
Motor Trade Theory

Should the applicant not have the N2 qualification, the Matric Certificate will also be taken into consideration if the applicant has subjects such as:

Mathematics (Not Literacy) (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
Technical Mathematics (Not Literacy) (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
Physical Science (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
Technical Science (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
Engineering Graphics and Design (At least 40% / E-Symbol)

Own Transport to workplace.

Own accommodation close to workplace.

Applicants who are not in possession of the above qualifications can undertake N2 requirement subjects through Further Education and Training sponsored by AFGRI as part of the program.
Behavioral Competencies

A highly motivated individual
Attention to detail
Team player

Closing Date: 15 October 2023