B-ME Maintenance Lead – Brits

North West, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Purpose
Manages the Progressive Maintenance (PM) process in the cell and is responsible for the elimination of losses related to inspections and failures; It constantly improves the following processes:
Maintenance Planning ’ Scheduling (MP’S), Breakdown Elimination (BDE), contributing to the elimination of losses related to inspections and failures.
Responsible for preparing a list of spare parts needed in the cell, supports activities optimizing the management of these parts.
Contributes to the reduction of maintenance costs on machines in the cell.
Responsible for disseminating technical knowledge among operators and, together with the Maintenance Leader in the area, for coordinating work related to Maintenance activities on machines in the cell.
Downtime Elimination (BDE) Management

Conducts in-depth analysis of failures and implements defined countermeasures
Responsible for the implementation of the failure data collection system

Management of the Maintenance Planning Process (MP’S) Continuous Machine Improvements.

Owns Maintenance Planning and Scheduling process of the machines, establishes PMs with the central Maintenance and Planning Department and the head of production area.
Planning the execution of maintenance actions in the short, medium and long term
Creating and updating review standards

Improving the technical knowledge of operators

Training operators in the principles of operation of individual machine elements in order to improve their knowledge and skills to detect defects
Training operators in the basic technical knowledge needed to perform Autonomous Maintenance work(CIL)

Elimination of losses.

Attends DDS meetings to define priorities, tasks, and report results for the last 24 hours. During the meeting, he presents information to the team about failures and actions related to the maintenance of machines in operation.
Supervising periodic inspections, visual inspection and inspection of machines
According to the schedule, he supervises periodic inspections, visual inspection and inspections of machines Conducts analyses and requests technical and organizational changes aimed at reducing the costs of machine maintenance in the cell.