B-ME Process Lead – Brits

North West, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Purpose

You will be responsible for continuous improvement of the following processes: Centerline (CL), Rapid Change Over (RCO) and Change Management (CM) in order to reduce unplanned stops, increase the time between stops (MTBF) and shorten changeover times. Collects and analyzes data on.
Stops from the machine, conduct analyses to find the causes of problems (Initial Problem Solving and Unified Problem Solving) acting as an expert in the cell.
You will be responsible for training operators on new work standards.
Develops the skills of a team of operators in the use of various process control tools

Centerline Process Management (CL)

Defining targets for key machine parameters in a cell
Ensuring that operators adhere to the CL process
Training operators in the CL process and how to proceed and document parameter changes beyond the set target (including 3M)
Create, verify and update new parameters to minimize losses
Performing a DMS (Health Check) implementation check in terms of CL, identifies opportunities to improve the process and implements corrective actions

Resize and changeover process management (RCO)

Implementation of standards for changeovers/resizes
Conducting RCO workshops to identify opportunities to reduce changeover times
Performing DMS (Health Check) implementation checks in the scope of RCO, identifies opportunities to improve the process and implements corrective actions

Change Management

Providing a standard approach to introducing changes related to processes, reapplication, Kaizen at the Cell, department and factory level

Elimination of losses.

Analyse machine downtime data analysis to identify priorities. Helps in performing loss analysis (Loss Tree) and using tools such as Loss Allocation or S-Shape
Monitoring the operation of the system for collecting data on machine stops
Participate in a DDS meeting to define priorities, tasks and report results for the last 24 hours.

Helps the Process Lead to inform the team about:

CL ’ CO DMS results
Top 3 stoppages
Process Failure
Root causes of problems on the machine

Troubleshooting ’ Problem Solving and operator training

Conduct problem analysis for major machine losses
Conducting training for cell operators on tools for investigating the root cause of problems such as IPS, UPS, 6W2H, Why-Why