Creative Director – JBH

Gauteng, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Key Purpose:

Born leader, can build a relationship with existing and potential clients; be knowledgeable and add value to the brands they oversee so that they can interrogate any brief and strategy in order to guide the client/potential client, creative department and the production of world-class strategy, ideas, execution and results.

Strategic Responsibilities

Help define the desired corporate vision and values.
Help set the best corporate strategic direction aligned to the vision.
Make regular decisions on key strategic issues facing the agency.
Periodically review the agency’s overall strategy to ensure that the organization anticipates and responds to changing business conditions.
Help define core business processes that ensure achievement of the company’s objectives.
Help understand and drive the business success of the agency through the work deliverables.

Operational Responsibilities

Lead and direct the creative reputation of Hunt Lascaris.
Take accountability in ensuring all the creative output consistently meets the highest quality standards.
Lead the creative teams primarily through the Creative Directors in producing and crafting original and great ideas, art direction and copy, proactively and in response to creative briefs on existing clients or potential clients.
Ensure creative work is presented internally and externally in a clear, professional and impactful manner.
Stay aware of current trends, popular culture, ideas, work in order to confidently stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant and contemporary.
Consistently develop and refine their craft in a way that demonstrates a real passion for the work they do.
Contribute to the shop window (local and international awards).

Key Relations

Initiate and maintain strategic relations with senior members of the various client teams.
Work with members of Strategy ’ Account Management to continuously look out for opportunities to enhance key relations.
Work with Strategy ’ Account Management to understand the clients’ brand and manage projects in a way that will support the delivery of the brand.
Actively encourage and facilitate collaboration within the creative department and other departments within Hunt Lascaris.

Business Development

Implement initiatives which strengthen and deepen client relationships for Hunt Lascaris’ benefit.
Actively pursue business development opportunities within your client accounts, to assist Strategy ’ Account Management in identifying areas of growth on existing business.
Support the delivery of new business into Hunt Lascaris through identification of new prospects.
Actively participate in new business pitches and business development when required.

Reputation Management

Be an inspiration and role model.
Actively contribute to the creative reputation of Hunt Lascaris by supporting all the agreed upon initiatives and strategies from the reparation management partners.
Participate in initiatives as requested internally, by clients and industry forums that can enhance Hunt Lascaris’ creative reputation.
Responsibility to spread positive sentiment and not to add fuel to any negative sentiments in a way that is destructive to Hunt Lascaris’ reputation both internally and externally.


Take accountability of ensuring at any given time there is an optimal number and level of talent resource in the Creative Department that is aligned with the business needs.
Create clear and measurable development plans for yourself and support the development plans of your team members.
Support the pro-active recruitment and development of staff.
Inspire, coach and guide all the people in the creative department for continuous improvement of individual and collective performance that anticipate and reflect the changing needs of Hunt Lascaris and its’ clients.
Recommend salary levels in accordance with individual performance and market rates.
Be involved in the setting of objectives for the department and helping manage the budgets.

Knowledge and Experience required:

3 years plus as a Creative Director in a leading creative agency/company that has curated or can curate (generate, guide, sell and produce) world-class ideas for Hunt Lascaris and their clients or potential clients.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

World-class creative ability.
Ability to lead.
Great presentation skills.
Strategically minded.
Creatively diverse (art ’ copy ’ other)
Ability to articulate themselves in a simple way.
Technical understanding of tv ’ content production, edits, sound, music, voice and direction.

Optional extras:

Influencer, opinion leader, lecturer, blog site, editorial experience, poetry, After Effects, 3D rendering, illustration, editing, design, songwriter, sound production, artist.

Behavioural attributes:

Inspirational, ambitious, determined, courageous, collaborative, creatively expressive, something to prove, chip on their shoulder, adaptable, can and does embrace change.
And above all, accountable for the accounts and work he/she/they manage.