Enterprise Risk Management Specialist – Kenilworth

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Advert Summary

The ERM Specialist will be responsible for identifying, assessing, and mitigating operational, financial, regulatory, and reputational risks associated with the company. The ERM Specialist will work closely with the Assurance ’ Compliance, Legal, Finance, SHEQ and Operational Excellence teams to ensure that the company’s ERM practices are robust and effective.

Minimum Requirements

Qualification and Experience – Degree or Diploma with 4 to 6 years related experience

Duties ’ Responsibilities

Conducting regular risk management workshops and risk assessments to identify, analyse and evaluate potential risks to the
company’s operations, financial position, and reputation.
Aggregating, recording and assessing all existing and emerging risks and controls.
Developing, implementing and maintaining risk management plans and systems that align with the company’s objectives, as well
as risk tolerance and appetite levels, including risk mitigation and treatment strategies.
Maintaining divisional, regional and functional risk registers and collaborating with risk and control owners to track the
implementation progress of risk treatment plans.
Maintaining divisional and regional Combined Assurance Models, considering all KAP Corporate, internal and external sources of
Conduct incident reviews following significant risk events and use learnings to take appropriate corrective and/or preventative
action in an attempt to avoid reoccurrence.
Assist in the development and implementation of fraud detection and prevention measures (including data analytics) to protect the
company from financial losses resulting from fraudulent activities.
Working closely with other departments to evaluate whether adequate and effective internal controls are in place to manage risks.
Compiling regular reports to senior management on the company’s risk exposure, risk management strategies, and performance
against established risk management objectives.
Ensure completion of the annual risk management work plan approved by the Audit ’ Risk Committee.
Continuously monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s risk management strategies and implementing
changes to improve performance and maturity over time.
Assist in developing and implementing crisis management plans to respond to potential crises or unexpected events that could
impact the company’s operations or reputation.
Coordinate annual insurance declarations and renewals, quarterly insurance claims reporting, ad-hoc insurance cover
confirmations and interim policy adjustments.
Support the provision of training and education to employees on risk management, fraud prevention, and insurance issues.