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The role of the Customer Experience (CX) Consultant is to develop an understanding of the Customer Journey for the various Beekman Group products with the view of enhancing and optimising customers’ experiences across the various company brands to drive business growth, improve customer loyalty, and ultimately increase brand equity. The incumbent will carefully map out the customer journey for different customer personas, offering insights into customer needs at each stage. They will also identify factors that either directly or indirectly encourage or hinder progress in the journey. Additionally, they will suggest improvements the company can make to enhance the customer experience, boost engagement, and increase customer retention and growth.

Key Performance Areas:

Collaborate with senior management and staff to understand their unique business objectives and Customer Experience (CX) challenges.
Build and maintain strong interdepartmental relationships through effective communication and exceptional people skills.
Conduct in-depth assessments and analysis of current CX processes and customer journeys.
Develop comprehensive CX strategies tailored to each client’s specific persona, needs and goals.
Identify key improvement metrics to measure the success of CX project initiatives.
Provide competitive intelligence on customer experience best practices for our market/industry.
Apply experience and knowledge of best practice CX software and technologies required for mapping and identifying CX improvement.
Gain an in-depth understanding of the identified products that need to be mapped and their associated processes, customer profiles, touchpoints and customer sentiments.
Conduct customer research to better understand multiple personas’ needs leading to better customer enablement. Collect, analyse, and interpret customer feedback, survey data, and other relevant metrics.
Monitor and report on CX project performance, making adjustments as necessary.
Analyse and streamline customer processes and systems to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency.
Utilise data-driven insights to provide strategic recommendations for improving customer experiences across multiple touchpoints.
Recommend and implement improvements to company systems and technologies to support improvement recommendations.
Implement best practices and industry standards to enhance CX delivery.
Determine how the findings need to be distributed and socialised with the business
Develop and document new processes and workflows that will enhance CX.
Provide training and guidance to teams to ensure the successful implementation of CX strategies.
Share industry knowledge and best practices to empower clients to sustain long-term improvements.


Bachelor’s degree in Business, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
Proven experience in customer experience consulting or related roles.
Strong analytical skills with the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
Excellent communication and presentation skills.
Proficiency in CX software and tools.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Exceptional problem-solving and project management skills.

Application email or URL: http://www.beekmangroup.com
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