Head of the Astron Energy Development Fund

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

To execute, manage and grow the Development Fund in accordance with its Mandate and objectives to contribute towards the sustainable development of the fuel and lubricants value chain in South Africa.
The role will require:

Overseeing the operational, technical, financial, and general management of AEDF activities and services provided under the AEDF flagship programmes
Working closely with the fund’s key long-term funder, Astron Energy, to unlock shared value
Reporting progress to the Fund’s board and key funder(s)
Stakeholder engagement and management
Working closely with the fund’s key implementing partners and Astron Energy support staff to ensure the programmes are executed as intended and achieve their planned impact
Securing new funding to extend the reach of the fund
Being able to coordinate many different tasks and activities simultaneously while meeting internal and external deadlines and targets

Financial Perspective

Coordinating the review and approval of financial and non-financial support applications and recommendations for potential AEDF beneficiaries
Developing and managing a 5-year rolling business plan
Securing new funding to extend the reach of the fund
Securing third-party finance from other impact financiers in the fuel and lubricants value chain, e.g. fuel retailer finance or small business financiers that beneficiaries can access
Pursue grant partnerships for skills development and job creation programmes

Customer Perspective

Ability to engage with a range of people effectively is critical to the success of the role. From CEO and EXCO level of management to NGO program managers to beneficiaries in the Community Development programmes.
Protect the reputation of the fund and key funder(s) by ensuring the fund’s story is properly communicated internally and externally.
Engage with key government stakeholders (DTIC, DMRE, etc) to ensure compliance with Framework requirements and expectations.
Understand and meet the strategic, Petroleum Liquid Fuels Sector Charter (PLFSC) and tax needs of the funding partner(s) by working closely with them. Use this information to target potential beneficiaries for the AEDF programmes.
Understand and support the funder(s)’ customer base to understand their surrounding communities’ social and economic development needs so that the AEDF can prioritise appropriate programmes in their communities to support/build long term customer relationships. This requires regular engagements with the funder(s)’ Corporate Affairs, sales teams (Retail, C’I, Lubricants as well as strategic partnerships) and Operating Units needing vendors to deliver their services to the company’s required standards (e.g. Refinery, Logistics, etc).
Ensure funder(s)’ community stakeholders and SMME bodies/forums in their communities are engaged and informed regarding AEDF programmes and initiatives.
Regular engagement with implementing partners to identify improvement opportunities and resolve problems that arise timeously.
Regular engagement with the Astron Energy Procurement Team who perform the initial reviews of AEDF applications and who make first contact with applicants. Weekly monitoring of KPI’s and status of SMME Portal applications.
Regular engagement with beneficiaries of programmes to build an AEDF community, ensure appropriate use of funds and repayment thereof as well as the continuing enabling of their potential through training and networking events.
Resolve AEDF related operational and escalated issues.
Regular reporting to relevant external ’ internal stakeholders on the progress of fund distribution, the profile of beneficiaries receiving AEDF support and the impact of the programmes.

Internal Processes

Execute the board adopted fund framework document (AEDF Mandate)
Stabilise AEDF operations and further develop the required policies, processes, strategies, and budgets
Ensure all controls and processes are effective. Improve problem areas and KPI’s that are non-performing as designed.
Develop a clear theory of change and supporting monitoring and evaluation plan (practical and concise).
Oversee the effective operations of appointed implementing partners and selection of quality beneficiaries through the AEDF Investment Committee
Identify and onboard new Implementing Partners as required for the development of approved beneficiaries.
Develop budgets and obtain sign-off from the long-term funder in accordance with capital preservation and fund’s reach targets.
Report progress to the Fund’s Board and key funder(s)
Ensure regular reporting to external stakeholders
Ensure that Board and Investment Committee meetings are held
Oversee the annual audit with the approved provider
Oversee SARS submissions with appointed provider
Together with Astron Energy decision makers, direct AEDF funding toward sectors and businesses that meet key strategic plans or future requirements.
Coordinate and integrate the existence and goals of the AEDF across various internal Astron Energy functions and stakeholders.
Identify and manage risks around the delivery of the AEDF programmes.
Provide input into the Astron Energy ESD plans and processes where these overlap with AEDF operations (SD Procurement Team and SMME Portal).
Performance tracking, implementation monitoring and reporting on the various AEDF initiatives.

People Management

Ensure clear mandates, performance contracts and KPI’s with implementing partners and Astron Energy support teams are executed
Monitoring against performance contracts that will include regular meetings and review of implementing partner reports
Resolve non-performance of implementing partners by working with their management and our legal team
Resolve non-performance of Astron Energy Teams or individuals by agreeing performance improvement plans with their managers or escalating as appropriate
Manage the Head of Impact Assurance and delegate work accordingly to ensure timely recommendations for applications received, monitoring of implementing partner KPI’s, impact monitoring, reporting, compliance and ARIBA/manual payments.

Professional Qualification and Certifications:
Post-Graduate Qualification

CA(SA); CFA, MBA, Masters in Sustainable Development, Small Business Development, Development Finance or similar

Work Experience:

6+ Year
Development/Impact Fund Management, Enterprise Development
Development Agencies
Small Business Finance

Knowledge and skills:

Financial and investment management, with preference to SMME finance and business development
Understanding of the fuel sector developmental issues in South Africa, with preference for local business development and community development
Understanding of B-BBEE legislation with specific emphasis on the enterprise development element of B-BBEE
Intermediate to Advanced MS Office, i.e. Excel, MS Word, Powerpoint
Excellent English communication, interpersonal, report writing and presentation skills with the ability to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines, managerial boundaries and stakeholders.
Ability to operate on multiple levels (strategic through to operational), hands-on, strong negotiator, pragmatic, innovative and creative.
Analytical and logical, ability to create value by identifying and driving alternative and efficient approaches appropriate to the situation at hand; solutions orientated thinker
Attention to detail – ability to interrogate and constructively challenge to ensure rigorous outcomes appropriate to requirements
Personal attributes: Self-managing, Sense of purpose, Positive, Confident ’ Good self-esteem, Team player
As a leader – able to manage through others e.g. effective manager of service providers
Needs to have a positive attitude to South Africa’s future and an attitude of HOPE.
Application deadline:

09 August 2023