IT Interns x2

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job description
These are some of the responsibilities that the successful candidate will be supporting the technology team;

Deliver First-Level Internal helpdesk Technical Support: Provide prompt and effective technical assistance to end-users, addressing their inquiries and troubleshooting issues with hardware, software, and network connectivity.
Monitor Remote Site Links: Proactively monitor the activity of remote site links, promptly identify, and report/log any link faults to ensure continuous network performance.
Desktop and Network Support: Offer comprehensive desktop support, including hardware and software installation, configuration, and resolution of technical problems. Assist with network support, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and aiding in network configurations.
Hardware Expertise: Possess in-depth knowledge of hardware systems, enabling efficient diagnosis and resolution of hardware-related problems as they arise.
Office 365 Administration: Proficiently manage Office 365 accounts and services, performing tasks such as user management, email configuration, and efficient troubleshooting.
IT Asset Management: Maintain comprehensive asset registers of both mobile and fixed IT assets, ensuring accurate tracking and record-keeping.
Helpdesk Ticket Management: Ensure compliance with defined turnaround times for the helpdesk ticket management system, promptly addressing user requests and providing timely resolutions.
Exceptional User Relations: Foster positive user relations by promptly addressing user inquiries, concerns, and issues in a professional and courteous manner, ensuring user satisfaction and confidence in Twizza IT Assist helpdesk support services.

Minimum requirements

ESSENTIAL- Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management
The candidate must be based in Cape Town