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Woolpert Africa, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, offers extensive high accuracy lidar, imagery and remote sensing experience, as well as airborne topographic, hyper spectral, and thermal survey and mapping. We provide mapping services for engineering, infrastructure, mining, mapping, agriculture, and environmental sectors in more than 45 African countries. 
We believe great companies are built from exceptional people and amazing clients. Because of our growth, we are seeking an experienced Junior Survey Pilot based in Johannesburg. 
As a survey pilot, one of the primary expectations is to maintain the aircraft in a steady and precise flight path, so that the data collected during the survey is accurate and consistent. 
This requires the pilot to have excellent hand-eye coordination and situational awareness, as they must constantly adjust the aircraft’s speed, altitude, and heading to ensure that it stays on course. 
Additionally, the pilot must be able to communicate effectively with the survey team onboard, responding to their requests and coordinating with them to ensure that the survey is carried out efficiently and safely.

We offer multiple career paths through our three aircraft platforms, including piston and turboprop twins:

Twin engine piston aircraft (Partenavia P68 and Piper PA31-350)
Reims F406

Essential Functions: 

Check the weather conditions to ensure it is conducive for takeoff and the flight as per the technical project requirements.
Perform flight planning, in conjunction with the airborne systems engineer, to optimize flying hours in due regard to ATC, CAA, Ferry and weather restrictions.
Perform the required pre-flight checks to ensure the aircraft is airworthy.
Ensure all equipment in the aircraft meets the requirements of the specific modifications.
Liaise with the technical crew airborne systems engineer regarding the project and anticipated flight paths.
Liaise with the air traffic controllers to ensure the accuracy of the flight plan reflects the expected circumstances of the flight.
Update the aircraft flight folio to manage the time to the next planned maintenance to ensure that there is enough time available to complete a task/project.
Operate the aircraft safely and economically to maximize on its ability and ensure the company spends minimally for every trip. Track and manage expenses to remain within project budget. 
Update flight and duty records weekly with the flight and duty times and ensure that the total flight times do not exceed the SACAA requirements.

Required Qualifications:

Must have 1000 total logged hours
250 hours on a twin piston aircraft 
500 hours on a twin turbine aircraft
50 hours Survey Experience.
Hold as a minimum a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with instrument rating.
Must have a valid radiotelephony license. 
Must have a Class 1 medical certificate. 

Must have completed and hold current certification on:

Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) trainin
 Dangerous Goods (DG) training
Safety and Emergency Procedures training (SEPT)

Resulting Physical Qualifications:

Must be prepared to travel locally and internationally for extended periods of time.

Skills and Characteristics:  

Highly self-motivated and self-directed – can operate with minimal oversight
Ambition to improve self and team in knowledge, ability and efficiency
Highly effective communication skills
Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities 
Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment 
Demonstrates integrity and accountability in words and actions
Ability to perform fault finding and troubleshooting

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