Lead Digital Manager (Platforms) – Cape Town

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Not specified


This is a highly strategic lead role that requires a deep understanding of the South African market, the retail landscape, and a data-driven approach to ensure the platform's success. This role presents a unique opportunity to shape the success of Flash Groups Merchant Solutions in the South African market and revolutionize the retail experience across various merchant channels. If you are a strategic thinker with a passion for driving platform performance and have a deep understanding of the South African market, we encourage you to apply for this lead position.

User Engagement Metrics:

Analyze and understand user behavior to tailor strategies for different retail merchant channels.
Track Active Users and develop targeted campaigns to increase platform usage within specific time frames.
Implement initiatives to enhance User Retention and ensure sustained engagement with the platform.
Optimize Time on Platform to improve user experience and maximize session duration.

User Satisfaction:

Design and conduct Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys specific to the South African market.
Drive improvements based on feedback and measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) for customer loyalty assessment.

Platform Performance:

Ensure high Uptime and Reliability of the platform, considering regional connectivity and infrastructure.
Optimize Response Time for South African users to ensure a seamless experience.
Oversee Bug/Error Tracking and collaborate with the technical team to resolve issues promptly.

Conversion Rates:

Analyze Conversion Rate metrics across different retail channels and implement targeted strategies.
Optimize Onboarding Completion to enhance the user journey and increase conversion rates.

Revenue and Profit Metrics:

Develop revenue growth strategies tailored to the South African market and retail merchant channels.
Measure Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and design retention tactics to increase customer loyalty.
Work with finance and marketing teams to calculate and reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Content/Platform Performance:

Analyze Content Engagement for the South African audience to provide relevant and localized content.
Track Content Sharing to gauge platform reach and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Platform Growth and Expansion:

Evaluate Market Penetration within the South African retail market and identify growth opportunities.
Lead and measure Geographical Expansion efforts, considering regional preferences and challenges.

Technical Metrics:

Optimize Platform Load Time for users in South Africa, considering regional internet speeds.
Ensure Scalability to accommodate increasing user demands in the South African market.
Maintain robust Security measures, considering the unique cybersecurity landscape in the region.

Build team and people capabilities through:

Providing real-time, ongoing coaching and feedback to team members throughout the year
On-time completion of performance management activities including regular 1:1s and Bi-annual performance reviews through GPS
Supporting employee development including facilitation of career development conversations and crafting development plans for current and future needs
Taking action to hire and retain high-performers and address poor performance
Proactively manage change initiatives within the team including sufficient planning/ preparation and communication to minimise disruption and support employee adoption.
Role modelling the behaviours that support and drive the Flash culture and values


Bachelors' degree in Business, Technology, Computer Science, or a related field.
8 – 10 years’ proven experience in strategically managing digital platforms, preferably in the South African retail market.
Deep understanding of the South African retail landscape and the dynamics of different merchant channels.
Strong analytical skills with a data-driven approach to decision-making.
Demonstrated ability to craft and execute strategic initiatives that drive platform growth.
Excellent leadership and communication skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
Familiarity with user experience (UX) design principles tailored to the South African audience.