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Site Construction Manager

Description of position:         

Incorporates the management, co-ordination, alignment, validation, forecasting and reporting of Mining, Engineering, Procurement, Warehousing and Storage, Construction and Commissioning attributes and parametric measures of work, per system.

Marula Phase 2 EPCM Project.
Design Scope of Work and Footprint

The scope of work for the EPCM Contractor will include, project management services, engineering design and drawings, and construction management including commissioning of both surface and underground engineering infrastructure and mining development at both declines up to 2030. Note Worley involvement in this project is to December 2025
Worley will also manage the procurement of the Mining Development Contractor with input from the Integrated Owners Team (IMOT). The EPCM Contractor not will manage the mining contractor, however will be in an advisor capacity on mining schedule and will consult the IMOT team on the Pase 2 development.
The EPCM Contractor will report to the IMOT while executing the project.  While preparing for the onboarding of the EPCM Contractor, the IMOT is currently carrying out “Immediate Works” planning which includes the design of underground silos and a Dip-6 Conveyor at the Clapham decline as well as the scheduling of raise-boring activities for ventilation shafts.
The execution of this scope is expected to run for a period of about three years (until 2024). Hence, it is expected that once the EPCM Contractor is onboard (commencing January 2023), the design, integration, construction management, and commissioning of these systems will form part of the EPCM scope of work. Currently, mine development is underway, which will open the mine layout for the above-mentioned installations.
An independent Quantity Surveyor, (QS) will be appointed by the IMOT to work with the EPCM to fulfil the appropriate QS services and will report directly to the IMOT. Quantity Services will include generating BoQs, drafting contract documents, monitoring costs, assisting with the compilation of TEAR documents, evaluating and approving variation orders, evaluating and approving interim payment certificates, assisting in cost control management, and assisting in the preparation of monthly financial reports.

EPCM Design Scope of Work Deliverable  

The EPCM contractor will design the infrastructure within the Off-Reef and On- Reef Contractor areas of development to the bottom of the two decline systems. The team will continue with the design of the infrastructure and the installations along strike from the respective level breakaways. 
The Off-Reef and On-Reef areas will be developed by the selected mining contractor to be managed by the EPCM.

EPCM Construction Management Scope of Work  

The procurement, construction, and installation to be managed by the EPCM Contractor will be completed in June 2030 (Worley EPCM contract will run to December 2025, at which stage it in expected to be extended to 2030, subject to IMOT requirements. These levels signify the completion of the capital Phase II expansion and the end of the EPCM contract. The plant de-bottlenecking project planned to increase plant capacity will be executed by a separate EPCM contractor. 

The Phase II SoW to be executed and managed by the Phase II EPCM contractor will consist of the  design, procurement and construction management of the following, 

Change house & lamp room extensions for both declines).
Surface sub-stations installations and upgrades to existing sub-stations,
Installation of overhead powerlines to raise bore sites for the new vent shafts for both declines.
Surface water pumping upgrades and new reticulation installations to the planned raise-bore sites for the new vent shafts for both declines.  
Raise-boring of two 5.5 metre diameter ventilation shafts.
Raise-boring of one 4.5 metre diameter ventilation shaft.
A 40 MVA transformer installation in the Eskom yard adjoining the mine, designed, procured, and installed under the Eskom Self-Build procedure.  
Surface permanent compressed air line upgrades.
Permanent compressed air line upgrades in the existing Phase 1 for both declines.
Installation of permanent compressed air lines in Phase II for both declines
A 20MW surface refrigeration plant with a 3 x ventilation fan system and bulk air cooler.
A 10MW surface refrigeration plant with a 2 x ventilation fan system and bulk air cooler.
Underground dip conveyors (1200mm width) at both declines including fire protection systems.
Underground strike conveyors (1050mm width) at both declines including fire protection systems.
Rock passes with chutes feeding onto the various dip conveyors.
Underground ventilation passes at both declines.
Underground electrical, C&I, water and pumping systems and reticulation at both declines.
Chairlifts at both declines.
Management of a mining contractor who will carry out the development mining activities at both declines including installation of the mining services and blasting of rock passes, silos and ventilation passes.  
Diesel and lubricant handling systems including installation of piping from the surface through the Phase I decline into Phase II workshops and mining areas at both declines.  

Construction Managers Responsibilities
This incorporates the planning, management, and performance reporting of:

 Cash Flow
 Expenditure flows
 Change Management
 Risk Management
 Validation of contractor performance (schedules, cost and forecasts)
 Accurate monthly performance and forecast reporting (schedule, expenditure, cashflow), inclusive of variance analysis and explanation(s).

Main Competencies required:

Mining shaft and underground experience. Min 5 years
Shaft equipping or shaft maintenance (shaft examination/repairs, bunton and guide replacement)
Winders, conveyances, ropes, rope attachments and sheave wheels.
Underground infrastructure construction/maintenance
 Ventilation and refrigeration plants
 Dewatering pump stations
 Material tips (rock breakers, grisly)
 Substations and electrical installations and commissioning


Understanding/knowledge of steel structure erections
 Torque settings
 Back markings
 Drawing detail
 Survey alignment (XYZ coordinates)

 Assemble mechanical equipment

Ventilation and refrigeration plants
Pump stations
 Mechanical drives alignment
Laser alignment
Conveyor belt alignment


Understanding the interface between different engineering disciplines
Civil & structural
Data books
Handover and lessons learned


  Understanding their role, purpose, reason, requirements, and deliverables.
  The planning, coordinating, alignment and achievement of package deliverables.
  Ensuring the development and enhancement of package (scope, schedule, budgets, cost baseline and forecasts) definition in accordance with execution and management plans.
  Ensuring the project manager is informed on the resources (skills/hours), information, effort, purchase orders and contracts required to execute and deliver the work to schedule and cost.
  The management and coordination of discipline deliverables and interfaces to execute the scope to budget and schedule.
  The implementation of robust “Package Management.”
  The managing of packages from inception to completion (cradle to grave).
  Ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is incorporated and communicated in system reports [ PRISMG2 and Primavera-6], inclusive of commitments and up to date estimated Final Costs.

Attributes required for this job:

Verbal communications skills             
Accuracy and precision
Problem-solving skills            
Time management skills
Creativity and application
Engineering insight
Planning and organizing skills
Attention to detail

Other requirements:

Own transport
Valid driver’s license
Medical fitness (heat tolerance)
Security clearance
Traveling to site
Technical acumen
People skills

Minimum Qualification/education levels for this position:

Minimum /Civil Mechanical Engineering trade
Previous construction experience (EPCM)

Required experience:

Qualification-related in the field or applicable discipline, or equivalent relevant experience.
10+ years of relevant experience including supervisory, project management and/or technical experience.
5 years mining experience within Mine shafts, & underground construction environment

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