Network Engineer – Sandton

Gauteng, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

You will have the following:

A minimum of 5 years Network Administration experience
Prepare and provide complete and accurate network designs and layout
Knowledge of procurements – sourcing quotes and workflow orders.
Knowledge of Project Management – install and rollout of hardware within required project guidelines and timeframes
Knowledge of financial planning and budgets, submission of networking requirements for the group-provide input into the forecasting and planning of budgets
Computer Literacy and Microsoft Office Suite (Intermediate)

Personal Competencies should include:

Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.
Ability to conduct research into systems issues and products as required.
Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language.
Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail.
Proven analytical and creative problem-solving abilities.
Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
Ability to work in a team oriented, collaborative environment.
Your Key Performance Activities will include but not limited to:


Responsible for network architecture design and implementation aligned with business requirements and objectives
Translate business goals, objectives and requirements into a technical design, gathering business requirements and objectives
Procurement and project management support. Provide input into the forecasting, planning and implementing of new solutions
Responsible to perform network utilization, capacity and planning as per ICT principles and standards.
Ensure principles and standards are met when multi vendors doing installations.
Reporting, Monitoring, Evaluation and Audit: Ensure that all ICT reporting is aligned with standards, guidelines and schedules.
Responsible for network cabling(Fiber, Twisted Pair, etc.) across the group
Responsible to liaise with applicable hardware suppliers and ensure standards and timelines are met during installations.
Responsible to perform network monitoring and troubleshooting
Ensure uptime and reliability through monitoring applications
Work with on mine and Group ICT personnel and business representative and service providers to ensure that the integration of all required communication networks are achieved
Provide ICT Support to operational and group personnel requiring hardware and/or software solutions
Responsible for the setting-up and configuring of wireless equipment across the group
Analyze technical needs, requirements and state of the network’s infrastructure design, integration and operations
Responsible for set-up and configuration of L2 + L3 Switching (Cisco, Dell, HP Aruba, Mikrotik, Brocade, Ubiquity, Moxa, etc.) across the group.
Responsible for the configuration of Routers ’ Firewalls across the group.
Responsible for set-up and configuration of VPN across the group.
Responsible for set-up and configuration of CCTV systems across the group.
Responsible for IP Auditing, equipment update’s ’ licensing across the group.
Responsible for environmental monitoring (Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Fire Control) across the group.
Responsible for Network Infrastructure Asset Management across the group.
Server Room ’ Network Infrastructure Housekeeping.
Company Policy ’ Procedures Compliance: Takes cognizance of and adhere to Company policies, procedures and relevant legislation. Manage and report on non-compliance issues.
Effective Team Player:
Maintain and manage healthy relationships within own team and across teams.
Responsible to provide support to team within area of responsibility.
Responsible to share knowledge and skills with co-workers.
Responsible to use communication and feedback channels effectively.
Effective Self-Management: Responsible for managing own work performance and completing tasks as per set timelines and standards