Occupational Health Medical Practitioner

KwaZulu-Natal, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Purpose

To perform clinical and supervisory Management of Occupational Health services throughout the Ethekwini Municipality so as to reduce employee exposure to workplace hazards and occupational disease.


Professionalism- Demonstrates a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to a diverse patient population.
Medical Knowledge- Demonstrates knowledge about established and evolving biomedical, clinical and cognate (e.g. epidemiological and socio behavioural) sciences and the application of this knowledge to patient care.
Interpersonal Relationships- The ability to establish and maintain productive relationships with people within and outside of the municipality.
Communication – The capacity to listen attentively, grasp issues, present information in a clear manner and respond appropriately to verbal and written communication of others.
Service Delivery Orientation- The ability to explore and implement new ways of delivering services that contribute to the improvement of municipal processes in order to achieve municipal goals.
Action and Outcome Orientation- The display of high work ethic in setting and achieving challenging goals, meeting deadlines and keeping promises. It manifests itself in one’s ability to stay focused on task, to be energetic, persistent and reliable.
Resilience- The ability to responds constructively to pressure / stress situations and the ability to persist goals despite obstacles and setbacks.
Change Readiness- The ability to innovate and challenge the status quo and the ability to cope with change driven by others.
Cognitive Ability- The ability to gather information, analyse issues and deal with complexity and ambiguity. Shows long-term thinking, follows through in a logical manner, aware of consequences and implications. Is able to see the ‘Bigger Picture’.
Learning Orientation- The willingness and motivation to learn, acquire knowledge, develop insight and focus on continuous self improvement.
Impact and Influence- The ability to inspire a positive attitude in others and be able to influence others effectively.
Team Orientation- The capacity to promote a cooperative climate, understand group dynamics and apply appropriate facilitation techniques in working with others to achieve a shared goal.

Key Responsibility Areas

Managing the administrative, clinical and specialised functions of the Occupational Medicine Services Section, as delegated by the Occupational Health Physician.
Assisting the Occupational Health Physician in the planning and organisation of delegated services and specialised functions.
Investigating and making recommendations to the Occupational Health Physician as to the adequacy and needs of all delegated services and functions.
Liaising with medical staff, senior administrative staff and senior staff of other sections in respect of services and section requirements.
Assisting with coordination and implementation of Occupational Medicine Services in respect of civil protection requirements.
Ensure regional clinics comply with the Medicines Control regulations.
Managing and overseeing medical and clinical management of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
Supervising subordinates.
Maintaining an up to date knowledge of all elements of comprehensive health service legally, ethically and academically.
Assisting with the planning and conducting Occupational Health programmes.

Essential Requirements

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), (NQF Level 8) or equivalent recognized by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and an Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health (NQF Level 8) or equivalent acceptable to the HPCSA and current valid registration with the HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner.
Valid motor vehicle driving license.
6 Years experience in Occupational Health as an Occupational Health Medical Practitioner.

Preferred Requirements

8 Years experience in Occupational Health as an Occupational Health Medical Practitioner.