Process Chemist – Brits

North West, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Purpose

We are looking for a Process Chemist, reporting directly to the Senior Process Technologist.
This is a Local role, based in Brits and will be responsible for control of all plant compound formulas, ensuring in time and accurate formula information as well as the sign off and distribution on the formulas to the relevant stake holders.
Ensure accurate, up to date and in time release of compound lab specifications and new compound development, new supplier qualification and new raw material introduction as per the year on year activity and improvement plan.
The incumbent will also process optimization through cycle time and stage mixing improvement as well as smooth operation and ensure that oss ratio, waste and off spec compound improvement.
As well as compound quality improvement as well as quality checks of mixer and compounding systems to ensure all related specifications an standards are adhere to, as well as daily compound mixing charts verification. Issuing of standards , procedures to ensure best practice and smooth operation and communication with down stream processes to ensure compound is running at optimum level.


TMA, waste and SSTD – Loss ratio reduction. Target to be below budget:
Ensure Loss ratio targets are met by implementing specification , standards and procedures for best practice, smooth operation and optimum processing of compound. Checking and controlling off spec batches, disposition and investigation to solve root cause for out of standard items. Proper data analysis required, gemba and mixing chart investigation.
Development of new product and processes, new supplier as well as new raw material, to be within target timeline:
Develop conspicuous standards.
Implementations of One Point Lessons Development of controls to improve production, quality and efficiency and reduce downtime in processes.
Development and upgrading of equipment in conjunction with Engineering to improve processing efficiency, cost effectiveness involving total line production.
New product development.
Develop running cards for the different machines, new formula and spec control, ensure on time and accurate information as well as lab specifications.
Ensure that all above are done and controlled within the timespan of each project or development. Create the needed platform to be able to follow above.
Assistance and participation to CFT Activities to ensure target are met.
Investigation and analysis of problems.
Implementation of Kaizens.
Set up of IIP and ensure that it is followed and countermeasures are implemented.
Do Kokai watches, gemba.
Presentation of CFT activities/DDAC
5S walkthrough.
Quality improvement activities.
Ensure that the following are met, controlled and documented: Capability studies of components’ on problematic issues to improve process.
Develop process FMEA, Control Plan(assist QS) and Process flow for stock preparation machines.
Conduct internal audits to evaluate process and provide assistance for improvement – official feedback to team must be done and recorded.
Problem Solving.
Trouble shooting on the factory floor, and on the floor decisions to help with problem solving and effectiveness.
Miss-production detection.
Ensure disposition of scrap material.
Inspect off-spec material and issue deviation for use.
Subordinate and EO training on standards and specifications to be managed and controlled and assisted with.
To ensure full and efficient utilization of plant and equipment in order to produce the required units at the correct quality, cost, time and in a safe manner.
The following must be managed , controlled and ensured : Confirmation of quality gates.
Ensure adherence to quality/technical/process standards.
Assist quality improvement activities.
Root cause analysis with regard to non-conforming components.
Assistance in analysing recurrence of Quality/Process concerns.
To ensure all subordinates are trained to an adequate level of skill that will enable them to attain the required level of quality and productivity.
Induction to quality/process principles.
Competency assessments of subordinate ’ Foreman/EO with regards to quality/process requirements. Training standards.
Ensure Process and product capability.
Process and Product checks and follow up of corrective actions.
Product and process capabilities and quality.
Implement and maintain OE specific customer requirements and adherence to plant specifications and standards.
Assist in Quality management systems are implemented and maintained on a continuous basis to ensure compliance to OEM process and product requirements.
ISO 9001 2015, IATF16949:2016,VDA 6.3-Quality management System.
Implementation and maintenance of Quality Core Tools(QMP) in respective departments.
Plan, develop and maintain Quality/Process improvement within mixer area.
Improvements towards material quality and process returns.
Manage implementation of process check sheets and the follow up thereof.


3 years experience in the Tyre industry and have good knowledge of extrusion/ 5 years experience in the manufacturing industry. (P)
ND Polymer Technology/BSc. Chem Eng. (P)
Quality related qualifications. (P)
Good knowledge of quality standards and systems. (P)