Production Unit Manager – Cape Town

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job description
Deliverables in this Role:

Ensuring that waste reduction and process improvement goals are incorporated in team goals; and the team understand these goals.
Ensuring that were process improvement or waste reduction opportunities have been captured on the gap list, these are properly evaluated and calls in specialist resources where required to assist in evaluation.
Root Cause Analysis when targets are not achieved.
Ensuring that the team members understand and adhere to the operational, quality and process standards, work instruction and maintenance schedules and performance target.
Mentoring, supporting and coaching team members in the correct execution of their tasks.
Checking and verifying that team members are monitoring process performance, carrying out required quality checks and recording the information on the appropriate systems. (Access to the appropriate systems).
Reviewing and sign off shift performance and ensuring that all required administration tasks in support of the production team are carried out.
Where production problems have been escalated to the Unit Manager, deciding on a course of action to resolve the problem. This may involve calling in specialist resources.
Post breakdown Root Cause Analysis activities
Confirm and ensure equipment runs at stated rated speeds per pack size. No deviations.
Checking that the team, in accordance with work instructions and maintenance schedules, carries out required autonomous maintenance tasks and any required running repairs on shift.
Ensuring that the maintenance artisan carries out running repairs on shift, mentors and coaches the process operator on autonomous maintenance and carries out work in support of the maintenance specialists.
Ensuring that the maintenance artisan take part in maintenance and cleaning days in support of maintenance specialists and takes part in maintenance post-mortems.
Takes part in maintenance planning meetings, where appropriate, and highlights maintenance problems requiring attention.
Where maintenance issues have been escalated to the Unit Manager, he/she must provide guidance and call-in additional Internal resources if required.
Line walkabout with Technician/Plant Engineer at least once during shift through all machines -Check recipes for correctness to current product per machine, rated speed adherence, review stoppages per equipment with actions.
Preparing for the daily shift meeting by reviewing past shift performance and identifying issues for team discussion.
Leading the daily shift meeting, making use of a standard agenda, and ensuring that team members actively partake.
Ensuring that issues and opportunities raised during the daily shift meetings are recorded on the gap list for action, and that these actions have accountabilities assigned.
Communicating the production schedule, shift production and quality performance, problems, planned schedule and work assignments.
Checking that hand over procedure is followed (e.g., housekeeping, change parts, etc.) and that the team members is conducting a handover to incoming team members.
Responsible for the overall discipline and conduct of team members in shift.
Developing subordinates and ensure training needs are met by carrying out training needs analysis, one-to-ones, and performance reviews. Where a team leader has identified a training need, corrective action must be initiated.
Driving performance management practices, leading the development of team goals, and carrying out performance reviews and team goal review sessions.
Ensuring that the team understands and adhere to quality standards and verifying that team members are carrying out routine quality checks and analyses according to the work instructions.
Carrying out quality trend analysis to identify problems and opportunities timeously, and where quality problems have occurred and been escalated to the team leader, deciding on an appropriate course of action to resolve. This may involve calling specialist resources such as the lab.
Where quality information has triggered an FFA, the Unit Manager must ensure that the required and relevant team members are involved.
Verifying, where problems have been resolved, that the problem has been eliminated and ensure that, where necessary, work instruction and procedures have been updated.
Ensuring that these standards are adhered to, and all non-conformances are identified, and measures implemented to eliminate

Minimum requirements
What Education, Core Knowledge and Experience will afford me this opportunity?

Grade 12
National diploma/ BTech in Production Management, Engineering or Quality Management
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a management position within production or maintenance
Preferably experience within the FMCG industry
Technical skills
Fault finding skills (High Level)
Machine operating skills