Refrigeration Technician – Hammarsdale –

KwaZulu-Natal, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Advert Summary

The position/role includes maintaining refrigeration units, cooling system, identifying problems, servicing and taking necessary action like repair and replacement of Refrigeration unit and its parts. Its task also includes suggesting solution to the various problems that can arise in Refrigeration units

Minimum Requirements

Grade 12
N3 Technical qualifications and – Trade tested Refrigeration Certificate.
Minimum 3 years experience as a technician in commercial refrigeration.
Preferably with CAT B Certificate.

Duties and Responsibilities

Providing new installation service, repairing the existing ones and replacing the tempered parts of Refrigeration units.
Inspecting various systems and its components like ventilation unit, cooling units, exhaust fans and other sections to ensure proper functioning of the device along with safety and identifying necessary repair and maintenance service.
Diagnose problem and failures in refrigeration systems the purpose of identifying system faults and damaged equipment that need repair or replacement.
Performing routine maintenance assigned for the purpose of ensuring proper functioning of refrigeration systems.
Cleaning the parts like coil, drain lines, cooling towers, condensation pans and other essential parts to ensure that unit operates properly.
Preparing technical documentation and record on various issues, material, logs time and specifications. This provides written support in compliance with conveying information.
Requesting parts and necessary equipments for the purpose of inventory maintenance to ensure the availability of required items and tools to complete the necessary installation and repair work.
Technicians also need to coordinate with administration and other trading staff to complete the ongoing project or work order efficiently.
They also have to report work progress to the Engineering Manager in order to take appropriate and necessary action in case there are some issues or delay in work.
They also have to maintain tools and equipments to ensure the availability of necessary thing for safe operating conditions.
Responsible for both KDP and FLIP site .
Performing other related duties assigned by the Manager
Some duties iclude cennecting refrigeration lines and electrical power sources, handling hazardous refrigerant substances, and checking systmes and equipment for leaks.
Conduct daily checks on all refrigeration systems and equipment as detailed in Preventative Maintenance Schedule