Repair Shop Assistant OR Apprentice -Ford Robertson

Western Cape, Full Time Deadline: Sep 2, 2023

Job Advert Summary

We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join our team as an Automotive Apprentice. This is an excellent opportunity to kick-start your career in the automotive industry and gain hands-on experience in a supportive and professional environment. If you have a passion for automobiles, a desire to learn, and a strong work ethic, this position is perfect for you.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Grade 12
Genuine interest in the automotive industry and a desire to pursue a career as an automotive technician.
Strong mechanical aptitude and problem-solving skills.
Excellent attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
Willingness to learn, take direction, and adapt to new technologies.
Basic computer skills for record-keeping and accessing technical information.
Ability to work well in a team environment and contribute to a positive work culture.
Physical stamina and dexterity to perform tasks that may require bending, lifting, and working in various positions.
Valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Duties and Responsibilities

Learning and applying basic maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tyre rotations, and filter replacements.
Shadowing senior technicians to observe and participate in more complex repairs and troubleshooting.
Keeping the workshop clean, organized, and equipped with necessary tools and supplies.
Learning and adhering to safety procedures and guidelines.
Continuously expanding your knowledge of automotive systems, technologies, and industry trends.
Attending training sessions and workshops to enhance your technical skills and expertise.
Maintaining accurate records of repairs, services, and parts used.
Collaborating with team members to ensure efficient workflow and timely completion of tasks.

Closing Date