Sales Manager: Cornerstone – Ermelo

Mpumalanga, Full Time Deadline: Not specified


To recruit, maintain, develop sales representative and set targets within Cornerstone Regions

Plan and Implement Sales plan at Regional level

Develop sales plan to attain set goals/targets
Communicate the sales plan to sales teams
Identify ’ agree on individual roles and responsibilities
Recruit resources according to HR Plan
Plan for infrastructure requirements – vehicles, offices, furniture, policy books, etc
Participate in Provincial budgeting process
Implement ’ monitor company policies ’ procedures
Manage sales staff performance monthly
Evaluate progress against goals monthly
Prepare monthly management report

Expense Budget

Monitor expenses against budget
Track deviation, investigate reasons ’ recommend corrective action
Assist with management of monitoring petty-cash requisitions
Prepare management report on deviations

Develop ’ Sustain Customer ’ Stakeholder relations

Intervene on customer queries ’ concerns
Understand impact of stakeholder policies on regional business
Deploy the correct interactions and processes

Communication management

Stakeholder analysis (who’s who?)
Knowledge of different markets
Company themes/message

Manage Regional Office, Administration ’ Client Services

Manage regional sales force – recruitment, selection, training ’ development, performance management, etc.
Visits to districts/sites
Ensure that branch offices project the required image of Cornerstone
Oversee the regional administrative activities
Liaise with provincial administration on training needs ’ support
Assist with client services and oversee sales staff ’ offices


Relevant Qualification (recognised by the FSCA)


Regulatory Examination Level 5: Representatives as an advantage
Regulatory Examination Level 1: Key Individuals as an advantage
30 or 60 credits on NQF level 2 (Depending on the date of appointment in the industry) or
60 or 120 credits on NQF level 5 (Depending on the date of appointment in the industry)


1year relevant management experience
6 months Insurance industry
Atleast 6 months advice and intermediary experience in category A (Assistance business)