Senior Assistant Director: Institutional Recruitment – Department of Enrolment and Student Administration

Gauteng, Full Time Deadline: Not specified


To develop and implement an undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment strategy for the University of Pretoria (UP) to recruit prospective students locally and internationally. Manage the expansion of the JuniorTukkie relationship-building programme as well as prospective students from previously disadvantaged communities in order to attract students with the potential to succeed at UP. To manage and oversee all processes in the development and publication of UP information products for Institutional Recruitment. Coordinate the liaison with all relevant stakeholders both internally and externally. Oversee and manage consultations as required.

The successful candidate’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
Management of strategic and stakeholder relationships:

Manage and oversee the development of an undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment strategy for UP in line with UP’s Strategic Plan;
Collect market information to identify the prospective undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment market, locally and internationally;
Develop and implement targeted strategies to recruit students national and international;

Manage and oversee the dissemination of recruitment material and information to the undergraduate and postgraduate student market;
Collaborate and liaise with faculties and Professional Service departments to align marketing and recruitment activities according to the University’s growth strategy;
Coordinate and attend meetings with relevant stakeholders;
Coordinate annual information sharing sessions as required, in order to update and gather information relating to student academic programmes in line with Senate approvals;
Liaise and partner with external stakeholders to implement targeted strategies;
Communicate the UP brand and create an awareness;
Submit reports as required;

Human resource management:

Manage staff in the division of Institutional Recruitment;
Ensure adherence to all policies and procedures;
Serve as a member on the Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Committee;
Manage the strategic placement of staff on projects;
Implement performance contracting and reviews annually as per policy, and consider development requirements;
Implement targeted training initiatives relating to student recruitment;
Compile job descriptions to ensure that the activities of staff members cover the full spectrum of the task area;

Manage and oversee the JuniorTukkie Unit:

Develop, implement and manage strategies of the JuniorTukkie office to build relationships with top academic achievers in Grade 9-12;
Ensure that the database of JuniorTukkie excellence groups is maintained;
Develop programmes, specialist services, activities, etc. for the Junior Tukkie programme, and manage the implementation;
Oversee communication for the Junior Tukkie programme;
Oversee the hosting of JuniorTukkie events and initiatives;
Liaise with corporate social investment groups (CSI) to have access to identified target groups, especially from previously disadvantaged communities;
Oversee and manage the initiative;
Manage divisional projects;

Manage the production of DESA information products:
Manage and oversee the production processes of information products for Institutional Recruitment;
Oversee a quality control and assurance strategy to ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy of information published in the information products;
Conduct research and analyse the needs of the target market with a view to develop relevant information products;
Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to gather information for publications;
Financial management:
Apply financial control mechanisms according to UP policy requirements;
Manage the budget with all cost centres allocated to the division;
Implement financial control measures to manage expenditure;
Implement control measure for assets (vehicles, exhibition material and concomitant expenditure) and expenditure incurred by staff in the performance of their duties.


An applicable Honours degree;

A total of six years’ experience in the following, two of which must be in management:

Process and department management;
Recruitment of students;
Financial management;
Stakeholder relationship;
Content development and information provision;
Human Resources management;
Cross matrix engagement at various levels;
Working at a higher education institution or as a senior member of the school management team in a secondary school environment.

Knowledge of:

Qualification framework;
Financial and administrative principles;
Tertiary education environment;
Conflict resolution;
Project management;
Change management;
Computer skills;
Presentation skills;
Good English communication skills;
Negotiation and interpersonal communication skills;
Innovative, creative and dynamic;
Client service ethic;
Conflict handling skills;
Self-control and drive;
Organisational skills;
Trustworthy, reliable and ethical.

A Masters or doctorate degree and/or business qualification, in one or more of the following, will be a strong recommendation:

Marketing and/or Communication Management;
Psychology (Counselling/Educational);
Project/Business management;

Three years’ experience in:

Database management;
Project management.
A valid driver’s license.