Software Engineering Manager (Technical Practice Manager) Insurance Verification Representative

Western Cape, Full Time


Boldr is the first global B-Corp dedicated to delivering world-class Client experiences while creating access to dignified, meaningful work in communities around the world.
We are a global team, united by our desire to connect diverse people with common values for boldr impact.
We employ just over a thousand team members across five countries and we want to employ over 5,000 people by 2027, if not sooner.


Meaningful connections start with AUTHENTICITY
We do our best work by being CURIOUS
We grow by remaining DYNAMIC
At the heart of great partnerships we’ll always find EMPATHY

Are you a seasoned technical leader who thrives on cultivating engineering excellence and fostering a culture of innovation? We are seeking a Technical Engineering Manager to join our dynamic team at Boldr. As the Technical Practice Manager, you will play a pivotal role in driving our engineering initiatives and guiding our engineering teams to new heights.
We are currently looking for impact-driven individuals who are passionate in helping Boldr grow and achieve our Purpose. We expect our Team to become our ultimate partners to success by always giving their 110% in everything, sharing their talents and quirks, and championing our core values: Curious, Dynamic and Authentic.

Technical Expertise: You are a subject matter expert in the specific technical practice you manage. This expertise allows you to guide and mentor team members, as well as provide valuable insights into industry best practices.
Team Leadership: As a Technical Practice Manager, you are responsible for leading and managing a team of professionals who work within the practice. This includes hiring, training, and performance management.
Practice Development: Your role involves developing and evolving the technical practice, keeping it aligned with industry trends and the organization’s goals. This might involve researching and implementing new technologies, tools, and methodologies.
Project Oversight: You may oversee projects or initiatives within your technical practice to ensure they are executed effectively and meet quality standards.
Client or Stakeholder Engagement: Depending on the organization’s structure, you may engage with clients or internal stakeholders to understand their needs and provide technical solutions.
Knowledge Sharing: You actively promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among team members. You organize training sessions, workshops, or internal conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer.
Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality of work within the technical practice is a critical responsibility for you. You implement quality control processes and standards to maintain high standards.
Budget Management: You are responsible for managing budgets related to your practice, which includes allocating resources effectively to achieve goals.
Performance Metrics: You establish and monitor performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and impact of your practice.
Continuous Improvement: You foster a culture of continuous improvement within the practice by identifying areas for enhancement and implementing necessary changes.
Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks associated with projects and activities within the practice is part of your role.
Collaboration: You collaborate with other technical practice managers and departments within the organization to ensure a cohesive approach to technical initiatives.
Technical Proficiency: You possess a deep technical acumen and can engage in meaningful discussions with team members spanning the spectrum from infrastructure to backend and frontend development. Your ability to delve into the intricacies of the work ensures you provide valuable insights and support to your direct reports.
Talent Identification and Growth: Recognizing exceptional engineering talent comes naturally to you. You’ve thought extensively about what distinguishes outstanding engineers and have developed a keen sense for identifying these traits. You are also well-versed in recruiting strategies and fostering growth within your team, nurturing individuals into exceptional performers.
High Standards and Constructive Feedback: You hold your team to a high standard of performance, not hesitating to dive into the details and offer constructive feedback. Your dedication to continuous improvement ensures that even the most accomplished team members receive guidance to elevate their contributions.
Holistic Perspective: While your expertise lies in engineering, you’re also adept at considering product, business, and possibly even design considerations. However, you’re not looking to micromanage or dictate decisions. Instead, you’re passionate about building a team that possesses the autonomy to make informed decisions collectively.
Engineering Culture and Process: You are attuned to the nuances of engineering culture and processes. You’re not content with the status quo and are proactive in seeking ways to enhance and transform these aspects. Your successful track record in introducing changes that lead to improvements sets you apart in the industry.


Curious and authentic, just like us! #beboldr

An analytical and critical thinker, with an eye for even the most minute of details
Passionate about client satisfaction


10 years of leadership experience in a technical role and proven track records in multiple organizations, and at least 4 years leading in each role.
+10 years of experience as a full-time software engineer and experience leading and delivering significant changes to customer-facing software (making product and design decisions is a plus!).
+10 years of experience in Software Engineering with MEAN Stack or LAMP Stack technologies.
Proven experience in technical practice leadership roles, with an in-depth understanding of various engineering domains.
Exceptional ability to recognize and nurture engineering talent.
Solid analytical and problem-solving skills, paired with the ability to offer constructive feedback.
A track record of contributing to or leading the implementation of process improvements.
Excellent communication skills and the capacity to collaborate effectively across cross-functional teams.
A strategic mindset with the ability to balance technical expertise with broader business considerations.


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Training and Career Development
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