Student Affairs Advisor – Bloemfontein

Free State, Full Time Deadline: Aug 11, 2023

The Position:

To maintain and develop excellent student relationships and to provide support to students throughout the student journey from enrolment to graduation, thereby contributing to a positive student experience and student retention.

Minimum Requirements
Minimum qualification:

Undergraduate qualification in social work, education / education psychology, counselling (Dip) or communication


Two years customer services experience preferably as a student advisor in higher education or professional development environment

Duties and Responsibilities
As the Student Affairs Advisor you will be primarily responsible for the following:

Facilitate the implementation of the end-to-end enrolment and onboarding process
Manage handover and transition from new business
Induction and orientation support including access to systems
Contract management
Student and sponsor queries
Student engagement and customer relationship management (CRM) – first contact of all assigned students
Ongoing query resolution (1st level issues resolution / problem solve)
Scheduled engagements (formalised check-ins)
Student Affairs – Student representative council (SRC) and class representatives
Facilitate on-campus election process
Facilitate development and implementation of operational plans and budgets
Implementation of on-campus student activities, events, clubs and societies
Safeguarding – incident report and response facilitation
Student wellness – awareness and referral

Functional and Behavioural Competencies
Functional competencies:

Customer facing professional skills

Behavioural competencies:

Initiative and responsibility – Acts on own initiative, makes things happen and accepts responsibility for the results.
Constructive teamwork – Cooperates well with others; shares knowledge, experience and information; supports others in the pursuit of team goals.
Relations and networking – Builds a useful network of contacts and relationships and utilise it to achieve objectives.
Influence – Makes an impact; convinces and persuades others; promotes plans and ideas successfully.
Effective communication – Communicates in a clear, precise and structured way; speaks with authority and conviction; presents effectively.
Analysis and judgment – Quickly understands and analyses complex issues and problems; comes up with sound and rational judgments).
Systematic approach (planning and organising) – Uses a methodical and systematic approach; plans ahead, defines clear priorities and allocates resources effectively.
Steadiness (emotional tenacity) – Creates a stable and reassuring work atmosphere; supports and encourages team in difficult times; is firm and reliable.