Talent Acquisition Specialist: Commerce

Gauteng, Full Time

About the Job

A Talent Acquisition Specialist is a professional responsible for sourcing, attracting, and interviewing prospective employees to find the perfect match for a company’s long-term goals.

Key Responsibilities

Coordinating with hiring managers to identify staffing needs.
Determining selection criteria.
Sourcing potential candidates through online channels (e.g. social platforms and professional networks.)
Plan interview and selection procedures, including screening calls, assessments and in-person interviews
Assess candidate information, including resumes and contact details, using our Applicant Tracking System
Design job descriptions and interview questions that reflect each position’s requirements
Lead employer branding initiatives
Organize and attend job fairs and recruitment events
Forecast quarterly and annual hiring needs by department
Foster long-term relationships with past applicants and potential candidates
Contribute in the development of talent acquisition strategies and nurture trusting relationships with potential hires.

Education and Experience

Qualification in Human Resources Management or relevant field
3-5 years proven work experience as a Talent Acquisition Specialist or similar role
Familiarity with social media, resume databases and professional networks
Hands-on experience with full-cycle recruiting using various interview techniques and evaluation methods
A keen understanding of the differences between various roles within organizations

Application email or URL: http://agegate.theheinekencompany.com
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