Tutor (LLB)

Not specified, Full Time Deadline: Not specified

Job Summary

You are required to work with the department head and subject matter experts to produce sixth-generation business and public school Content for NQF levels 5 to 9. Your main outputs will include writing coursework, including assessments and video scripts. You may, from time to time, also be required to customise Content for skills or non-credit bearing purposes, and to help with course testing and other Content production duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Reviewing, developing and updating learning packages for Regenesys, including study guides, caselets, video clips, simulations, pre and post tests, slides, assignments, memoranda and other appropriate Content as per the development schedule, ensuring that it:

Addresses relevant learning outcomes;
Is current, relevant, plagiarism-free, properly referenced, and drawn from a variety of credible sources;
Is coherently, clearly and cleanly written, and formatted according to the Regenesys template;
That any gaps are addressed, including legislative changes;
Is engaging in print and online, and appealling to a global audience where relevant;
Is amended in accordance with subject matter expert and the Content development team head’s requirements
Is delivered on schedule.

Analysing and customising Content according to clients’ requests as per development schedule, liaising with clients where necessary and preparing a written brief (project definition outline) for signature.

In addition, you are expected to play an active role in team responsibilities, including:

Participating in Content development team team meetings, training and development;
Recommending ways to improve team efficiency and effectiveness;
Attending Regenesys staff meetings and functions;
Supporting other units as per request;
Helping other units improve the quality of facilitation in the spirit of Regenesys magic and values;
Participating in improving quality facilitation and research;
Helping with curriculum development as needed;
Explaining course content, activities and assessments to facilitators; and
Facilitating learning programmes or webinars if necessary (no more than three days a month, and depending on Content development requirements).

You are also expected to observe Regenesys protocols, including:

Focusing on making things happen;
Always putting the customer at the centre of the business;
Being able to work under pressure;
Respects and care for others
Provide open, honest but developmental feedback where necessary;
Keep head of team and teammates apprised of key issues;
Be principled and committed;
Put the company ahead of self-interest;
Maintain and build a strong repertoire of professional and technical knowledge and skills;
Always executes to high standards
Obeying company policy as regards hours of work, dress code etc;
Use Regenesys assets as though they are your own; and
Always being willing to go the extra mile.